Andrew Raselli

Andrew Raselli

Andrew ‘Andy’ Raselli has worked with Physis Physiotherapy for over 20 years. Based at our clinic in Trinity for most of this time he has developed a well deserved reputation based on his professionalism and relaxed patient manner. Helped by the Aussie accent he is able to explain the problems his patients have and explain how physiotherapy can help.

Specialist MSK & Sports Physiotherapist

BAppSci(Phys) MCSP

HCPC Registered

Professional Experience:

Senior Physiotherapist BUPA Murrayfield 2000 – 2005

Edinburgh Rugby Physiotherapist

Scottish Cricket Physiotherapist

Special Interests:

Sports Physiotherapy- Running Injuries

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

Orthopaedic Physiotherapy


Edinburgh North


Andy is a n active family man who loves things with wheels. Bikes or motorbikes particularly. Typical for an Aussie he is good at socialising!

Personal Statement:

I graduated from La Trobe University in Melbourne Australia in 1990 and came to the U.K. in 2000. I initially worked at the BUPA Murrayfield Sports Medicine clinic before joining the team at physis in 2005.

Having worked full-time for Edinburgh Rugby with my colleagues at Physis from 2007 to 2010. I enjoy the fast thinking required when working with elite athletes in a match situation along with the team bonding inherent in rugby.

My experience with rehabilitation of musculoskeletal and sports injuries includes work with Australian Rules Football, Basketball, Golf, Athletics and Rugby. While working for Physis, I was also the physio for the Scottish Cricket Team for three years.

I have also worked within an occupational health setting for Ford Motor Company in Australia and Scottish Power in the U.K.

Andrew Raselli