Darren Cornforth


BSc(Hons)(Phys) MSc(Man Ther) MMACP MCSP
Chartered Manipulative & Sports Physiotherapist

Professional Experience

Professional Experience

Princess Margaret Rose Orthopaedic Hospital

Medicolegal Experience- Personal Injury, Medical Negligence etc

Sports Experience

Commonwealth Games 1998 and 2002

Scottish Cricket (including World Cup 1999)

Scottish Gymnastics

Hibernian Football Club

Livingston Football Club

Edinburgh Rugby

Special Interests

Spinal Physiotherapy

Sports Physiotherapy

Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

Medicolegal Physiotherapy

Occupational Physiotherapy


Edinburgh North and City Centre


From the moment I became a physiotherapist, the thing I have loved the most is making my patients better or making a difference. It’s like winning a race or holding up a cup. It’s my adrenaline thrill. I’ve matched this enthusiasm with pride in my profession and the standard of therapy I want to provide for my patients. To me it’s important that physis provides the right experience as part of this process.

As a professional, I have developed my skills and understanding throughout my career and love to ride the wave of new science with its ups and downs. However, I’m a bit of a cynic too and don’t think we should compromise in striving for the best approach by using unproven medical science. So I’ve completed my degrees in order for me to keep developing my knowledge and skills. The fun I’ve had using them in my line of work is what keeps me going.