Massage Therapy

Massage has long been a method of aiding recovery throughout history, but as time has progressed our understanding of the effects has improved. With the result that we now know what works and what doesn’t. Massage can vary in intensity and depth to achieve different physical and psychological responses. Our therapists are well trained in different techniques and will adapt their delivery depending on your requirements. Some of our team are both physiotherapists and trained massage therapists.  All our practitioners work together to provide the best combined approach to your care.

Massage therapy addresses a variety of needs for our patients:

  • Relief from the effects of stress through aiding relaxation
  • Relief from muscle/soft tissue (myofascial) pains and fatigue
  • Enhancing recovery from occupational postures or exercise and sporting activity

Massage Treatments

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage (sometimes termed remedial massage) is where massage is used within a program of therapy aimed at specific types of conditions or for specific types of effects. At Physis we use it for a wide range of health-related benefits and for several different clinical reasons:

Therapeutic Massage (Musculoskeletal (MSK)/ Orthopaedics)

Uses advanced techniques aimed at helping localised tissue pathology e.g. postural neck pain, flexibility of tight muscles, reduce tissue swelling, promote circulation and tissue recovery. This type of massage is more focused on addressing specific goals within your recovery and management of your problem. Often this form of massage is used as part of a physiotherapy session but if it is the main treatment to be used, we direct patients to our massage therapy team to provide this service.

Therapeutic Massage (Relaxation)

Gentle and relaxing techniques are aimed at reducing pain and tension whilst promoting relaxation. This type of massage is particularly useful where tissue tension, anxiety and stress are active drivers of the problem. It can be used for patients suffering from chronic pain, respiratory and even vestibular conditions, as part of a holistic rehabilitation/recovery or management plan. It can provide a welcome effect for a wide range of patients and is a useful therapeutic tool.

Sports Massage

Sports massage uses a variety of techniques aimed at preparation or recovery from sports or intense physical activity. Although ‘sport’ is in the name this type of massage, it is not exclusively directed at sportspeople. It is just as likely to aid the recovery of a hillwalker as a marathon runner, or someone with a very physical job. It is often referred to as deep tissue massage as the technique depths are sometimes different to other forms of massage.

Your therapist will adapt their delivery depending on the clinical signs that you present with and will communicate with our physiotherapists to achieve the best outcome for you.

If you are unsure what you need, our therapists will be happy to direct you, and adapt their delivery depending on your needs and preferences.