Headaches are a common problem

If you are one of the 47% of people who experience regular headaches you’ll know they are no laughing matter. For some people headaches are just a minor inconvenience but for others they can be utterly debilitating, condemning you to a dark room for hours or even days at a time.

The trouble is that successfully diagnosing headaches is complicated because there are more than 130 distinct disorders with over 300 identified triggers. so headaches are often unique to each sufferer.

Types of headaches

The most commonly diagnosed headaches are:

Tension headaches

Cervicogenic (neck related) headaches


Sinus headaches

Lifestyle factors which effect headaches

If you only suffer an occasional headache then it is probably related to lifestyle factors such as:

Dehydration, Stress, Alcohol, Caffeine, Types of food, skipped meals, lack of sleep, medications, muscular tensions, high blood pressure, infections, hormonal factors etc.

Headaches can be debilitating.

However if you suffer from tension type or cervicogenic headaches regularly physiotherapy can help in the short and long term.

Clinical evidence shows that physiotherapy can help these types of headaches by using a combination of manual therapy (massage, mobilisation or manipulation), exercise therapy (stretching and strengthening exercises) and specific advice.

Physiotherapy can help treat headaches.

Cervicogenic headaches come from the tissues in the neck. They are often on one side of the head from the neck /base of skull over the head into the temple -forehead or eye. Lasting from a few hours to weeks they can be aggravated by certain neck movements or postures.

Tension related headaches are often on both sides of the head and wrap around the head. They feeling tight/pressing in nature and can cause nausea and light sensitivity. They can last a few hours or even be there constantly.

So if you think you maybe suffering from tension related or cervicogenic headaches then give us a call at Physis physiotherapy on 0131 478 4646.