Vestibular Physiotherapy and Falls Prevention

Experience the tailored support and evidence-backed techniques of vestibular physiotherapy, a personalized approach designed to address balance and inner ear disorders, fostering improved mobility, confidence, and quality of life at our welcoming Edinburgh Physiotherapy Clinics.

Vestibular physiotherapy/rehabilitation therapy is a well-established and evidence-based intervention for those suffering with balance and vestibular (inner ear) disorders. The therapy is mainly exercise based but can incorporate manual techniques depending on the cause of your symptoms. Vestibular physiotherapy and falls prevention is individualised for each patient depending on their need.

Vestibular physiotherapy is for patients suffering from a range of often interrelated symptoms such as dizziness, loss of balance, reduced mobility, poor exercise tolerance, fear of falling, lack of confidence and anxiety in doing the normal things in life. This is a service we offer at our Edinburgh Physiotherapy Clinics.

Physiotherapy and vestibular rehabilitation can help:

Dizziness disorders


Loss of balance due to:

  • Reduced mobility
  • Deconditioning including breathlessness or reduced strength
  • Fear/anxiety of falling

What Vestibular Phyusiotherapy and Falls Prevention may include?

For patients suffering from vestibular problems, they will generally receive a plan from any of the following types of therapy:

  • Canalith Repositioning Procedures (Epley’s manoeuvre, Semont)
  • Dizziness exercises such as Brandt Daroff/Cooksey Cawthorne
  • Balance retraining
  • Gaze stabilisation exercises
  • Stable walking exercises
  • Postural training
  • Neck mobilisations
  • Manual therapy
  • Relaxation/Breathing training
  • General fitness


Our vestibular physiotherapy team will discuss with you, your treatment options after a detailed assessment and get your recovery started. The number of sessions may vary but we will ensure that you are able to make clear decisions on the best course of action for you.

To find out more about this treatment or to make an appointment at any of our Edinburgh physiotherapy clinics, please call us on 0131 478 4646 or email [email protected].