Ola Szyszczakiewicz

Ola Szyszczakiewicz-Briggs

Alexandra Szyszczakiewicz-Briggs or ‘Ola’ has worked for Physis Physiotherapy for over 10 years. She is currently based at our Edinburgh South clinic and at our clinic based at Merchiston Castle School. Always keen to develop she recently did an extra strength and conditioning course at Edinburgh University and continues to enthuse her patients with an energy and passion that most of the rest of us can’t keep up with.

Specialist MSK Physiotherapist



HCPC Registered

Professional Experience:

Physis Physiotherapy

Merchiston Castle School Physiotherapist

Special Interests:

Sports Physiotherapy- Bike fitting

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

Orthopaedic Physiotherapy

Strength & Conditioning


Edinburgh South


Ola loves the outdoors and particularly riding her bikes. Ola’s idea of a holiday generally includes her bikes whether it is in the Alps or cycling to Manchester. Nothing will stop her.

Personal Statement:

My adventure with physiotherapy started when I hurt my knee and went to see a physio. I thought that this is the best profession in the whole world! No surgery, no intervention, just amazing advice. Through my hard work and physiotherapist guidance my knee was fixed! (Weekly maintenance still needs to happen).
I qualified in 2012 at Queen Margaret university in Edinburgh.
After my experience at NHS and in the private sector I decided to direct my energy to the later.
I am the senior physiotherapist at Merchiston Castle School supporting young athletes. Especially the 1st Xv rugby team but also seeing the rest of the pupils and some of the staff!
In a wide variety of clinical settings, I see individuals with acute injuries but also those suffering from persistent pain. I also see orthopaedic patients guiding them through their rehabilitation process.

Apart from my work I love outdoors especially if it is Up a hill, steeper and longer the better!

Ola Szyszczakiewicz-Briggs