Sports Physiotherapy

Sports Physiotherapy makes up a significant amount of work for the physiotherapists at Physis in Edinburgh, Livingston, Dunfermline, Linlithgow and Grangemouth. Sports injuries are reasonably common and patients wish to be seen promptly and find out what the diagnosis is and what they need to do about it. We believe in working within a multidisciplinary team of podiatrists, massage therapists, pilates instructors and dietitians with a specialist interest in sports medicine. Our team have worked with many different sports (athletics, gymnastics, football, rugby, cricket, weightlifting to name a few!), with professional and amateur sports, at international as well as at a local level. So whether it was the professional rugby team at Edinburgh, or the footballers at Hibernian and Livingston or working with international teams for Scotland at rugby, cricket or multisport events such as the Commonwealth Games, our team has a wide range of expereince to help you on the road to recovery.

Sports Injury

Our approach uses the experience of our therapists but also some cutting edge scientific assessment tools to analyse performance and injury recovery. From computerised gaitscan technology which can assess the dynamic capabilities of your feet, to video analysis of techniques to observe faulty biomechanics, dynamic ultrasound to assess the degree of internal tissue injury or motor activity, or analysis of your spinal movements via our Vi Move system we can get to the root of the cause of your musculoskeletal injury.

Knee pain

What can Sports Physiotherapy do?

We see simple sprains or strains of soft tissues to longstanding chronic pain which affects your sports and physical activities. Our physiotherapists can plan the right treatment and rehabilitation approach for you as an individual. Most sport injury recovery plans include some manual therapy (manipulation, mobilisation or massage) but will always include a personalised exercise rehabilitation program (stretching, strengthening, balance work etc).

So if you have injured yourself playing sport then Physis Physiotherapy is the place to come. Call 0131 478 4646 or book online.

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